Founder of Hummingbird Interior Designs, Tanya Freedman, has always loved design, art and anything to do with making spaces more comfortable, orderly and beautiful. For many years her friends and relatives kept asking for her advice and using her suggestions to improve their own living and working spaces. When Tanya left the corporate world in London, England to have a family, she knew  one day  she would make her dream of making her love of design a business reality.

In 2009 she started a professional organization company, RentAnOrganizer.com and helped many families and companies get – and stay – organized. From major decluttering to reorganizing small and large spaces, Tanya and her RAO team set many people’s lives on the right track. Seminars and workshops about her expertise have been in demand and have helped hundreds of people get organized, learn tricks and shortcuts to transform their own spaces.

Now, as a graduate of The Institute of Interior Design, Tanya Freedman and her team offer their many services to clients across the GTA.

HID is an innovative company which prides itself on delivering the best quality interior design, redesign, and other interconnecting services. In addition to making your residential or commercial space function more efficiently, keeping up with the times and your needs, HID can also help your get – and stay – organized.

Many HID clients have had discreet decluttering and reorganizing services which have made it easier for them to continue keeping their home or work spaces neat and manageable.

So, whether it is small or large, restructuring or refreshing, HID can help. Contact HID:

Tanya Freedman (905) 770 5774

Email: Contact@TanyaFreedman.com


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